Is anyone else amazed at how many people use nginx on Windows?

Resicow resicow at
Thu May 7 01:54:43 MSD 2009


Don't waste your time on the Windows build. Concentrate on making nginx 
better and better on Linux.

nginx is by far the best, and keeps getting better and better. Making 
everything work on windows will just slow you down.

It is amazing how great a product you have developed, and I have loved 
watching the progress, and I love using your server.

If you are using nginx on Windows, then you are an idiot. Go away and 
use apache or IIS.


Michael Shadle wrote:
> I mean.... really?
> If you're looking for performance, is Windows really your target OS?
> and security?
> Not to mention things like php-fpm don't exist...
> I've been surprised at the demand for nginx on Windows. I figure
> people running nginx are looking for a high performance solution, and
> why anyone would run Windows for python/perl/php/fastcgi stuff makes
> me very confused. I'd only run Windows if I needed .NET/ASP/something
> Windows-y.
> Oh well :)

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