Is anyone else amazed at how many people use nginx on Windows?

Jim Ohlstein nginx-forum at
Thu May 7 03:32:39 MSD 2009

My goodness. I agree, this was a legitimate question/statement on Mike's part. I'll admit I am surprised. I use Windows on my desktop machine to run some native Windows apps for my business. I also run Linux on the same box for lots of other things. My laptop is a MacBook Pro. All of my servers run Linux. It works best for my purposes at this time. If I were to start over I might use FreeBSD but that's a war I don't want to start on this list. It would, however, make the crowd in Redmond happy to see people fighting over *nix system choices, yet some would call you an "idiot" for choosing Linux over BSD for an OS.

Calling someone "an idiot" for their choice of technology is like calling someone an idiot for their politics or for their religion.

The is *clearly* a demand for a Windows version. Igor is developing it for his own reasons. Unless you are signing his paychecks, the only "vote" that counts is Igor's.

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