Proposed Patch - url encoding all upper case...

Brian Moran bmoran at
Tue May 12 18:51:02 MSD 2009

坏人 wrote:
> 可以改代码编译后直接使用;也可以用内嵌的perl灵活设置,效率也非常高
> Posted at Nginx Forum:,1918,1920#msg-1920
The reason that I'm asking for the change in NGINX is that in one 
particular application (X-Accel-Redirect to AWS S3), calculation of a 
server variable is done on URL encodings done with UPPER CASE characters.

We supply NON-URL encoded URLs to X-Accel-Redirect - these are 
re-encoded by nginx using lower case characters for any hex values, and 
consequently the server variable calculation (already done before 
X-Accel-Redirect) fails.

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