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Wed May 13 05:08:36 MSD 2009

translate :

chinese: 不知道sites.conf的内容。不过看起来你是想动态设置监听端口,这是不行的,重设监听端口必须重启服务
english: i don't know the contents of sites.conf , It looks like you are set the service port and reload nginx, 
That won't take effect except restart service

I'd like to correct something you said: reload nginx service can effective immediately



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what don't you understand?
we don't understand you, ENGLISH only please.
2009/5/12 "坏人" <nginx-forum at>:
> 不知道sites.conf的内容。不过看起来你是想动态设置监听端口,这是不行的,重设监听端口必须重启服务
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