php-fpm for 5.2.9

Ilan Berkner iberkner at
Mon May 18 20:32:51 MSD 2009



Could you clarify for me how to actually install this patch?  I'm not
that familiar with this process just yet.  I am compiling php directly
so can include it in my php script.

What I'm not clear on, is that 5.2.9 with phpfpm 5.2.8 is working...
so what's the purpose of the patch?

Again, my apologies for having this non-nginx discussion on here...
really appreciate the support.

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 12:07 PM, Floren Munteanu <nginx at> wrote:
> Hi,
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>> Subject: php-fpm for 5.2.9
>> There have been many discussions about php / php-fpm and the fact that
>> there's no php-fpm version for php 5.2.9.  I'm not 100% versed on
>> these topics, so bear with me.  There's also been discussion regarding
>> a patch that would have to be applied in order to compile php 5.2.9
>> with current php-fpm 5.2.8.
> Use this patch, it works for me with PHP 5.2.9 version.
> I would like to know also what is going on with Andrei... and the reason
> why he does not post any news.
> Regards,
> Floren

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