Using proxy_store under heavy load.

zepolen zepolen at
Wed May 20 20:48:27 MSD 2009

I'm using proxy_store to act as a frontend mirror/cache to amazon s3 for my
sites photos.
Response times are slow, iotop reports ~10-15MB/s being written to disk by
The website implements a 'latest' feature, any new photos will requested by
many users at the same time.
I'm thinking nginx is probably getting a request for a photo it doesn't
already have, and while it is retrieving the file from s3, more requests
come in for the same file, meaning more round trips and more temp files
being created.
Does proxy_cache handle it differently? (ie, does it know that a url is
currently being retrieved from the backed, and block other requests for that
url until the file has been retrieved)
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