Full SVN support

Michael Shadle mike503 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 22:10:56 MSD 2009


this has been on my wishlist too.

Not to put all the pressure on Igor either, anyone can obviously
contribute code towards it... sometimes I feel like we're constantly
asking for more more more. If I knew any C I'd try my best to help.

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 11:03 AM, Floren Munteanu <nginx at yqed.com> wrote:
> I intend to speak at the next Zendcon conference about Nginx and its
> advantages.
> However, the biggest turnoff for developers would be Nginx not being
> capable to fully support all SVN methods.
> Are there any plans related to this matter, Igor?
> Regards,
> Floren Munteanu

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