Incorrectly getting mime-type for flv files

Jean-Philippe Moal skateinmars at
Tue May 26 11:44:34 MSD 2009

Fernando Perez a écrit :
> Hi,
> I use Nginx in front of a Ruby on Rails application. When I upload an
> flv file that will be processed by Paperclip, I always get the mime-type
> as application/octet-stream although I have a mime.types file included
> in nginx' configuration file.
If you are refering to the mime type reported by paperclip (and inserted
into the db), this has nothing to do with the mime type that nginx uses.
Actually the mime type paperclip uses is taken from the user agent. If
it doesn't suit your needs use a hook in your rails model or a custom
paperclip processor.

> My flv files on disk have a mime-type of application/octet-stream, but
> Nginx shouldn't care and when he sees a file coming in he should reset
> the mime-type (I guess). Where could the problem come from?
> Best regards,

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