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El Tue, May 26, 2009 at 02:20:23PM +0200, Michael Baudino va escriure:
> Congrats for the stable status.
> Does it mean this version will make its way into Debian stable (lenny)
> repositories soon ?
> Or is this the maintener's (Jose Parrella & Fabio Tranchitella) choice ?

Unless something really strange happens it will never go into the official
Debian Lenny repositories.

On stable Debian releases packages are only updated for security or grave
functionality bugs and the norm is to update the package version backporting
the changes (i.e. if the Lenny nginx package is 0.6.32-3 and a security bug is
found and fixed on upstream version 0.6.38 the debian security update will be
based on upstream 0.6.32 with the security fix taken from the upstream 0.6.38
version, but without the rest of changes done upstream).

The idea behind this policy is that stable means stable and there should not
be ABI, API or functionality changes on stable Debian releases if possible to
avoid new bugs and/or regressions.

Anyway that does not mean that you can't install newer version of nginx on
Debian Lenny, it just means that you have to do extra work and know what you
are doing.

If you don't plan to maintain your own packages the most common option is to
use, a service run by Debian Developers that provides
newer versions of some packages recompiled for the stable distribution.

As for nginx, you can see the list of available nginx packages on:

If you want to have the latest version the way to go is:

- report a wishlist bug asking the maintainers to upload the new version to
  unstable if there is none,

- once the package is available on testing/unstable ask someone to upload it
  to backports (the official maintainers are a good option, as they only need
  to recompile and upload their own package)

Probably it seems that you need to do a lot of things, but the truth is that
a lot of times when you want updates of server programs like nginx you find
them on backports without doing anything... but you can always help to make it
happen faster... ;)



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