cache static content in memory

Jérôme Loyet jerome at
Thu May 28 23:37:37 MSD 2009


your system has already a file cache memory. It does the trick.
If you want to use nginx cache capabilities, you can make nginx
reverse proxies all requests to apache (even static ones) and set up a
cache (proxy_cache* directives). But ningx will put cached files on
disk et read them on demand. It will benefits of system cache as well.

I asked myself the same question weeks ago but in my case static files
were not on a local disk but on a NFS shared disk. So I let apache to
serve statiques pages as well and cache them localy.

Hope it helps

2009/5/28 nfn <nginx-forum at>:
> Hi,
> I'm using nginx with apache2 + mod_php.
> Php pages are proxied to apache and nginx handles all static files (css, js, png, jpg, gif).
> I have lots of small files (forum design + smilies) ...
> Can nginx cache theses files in memory? How?
> If so, do I have any benefit with this approach?
> Is this faster than serving from disk?
> Thanks
> N
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