nginx cookie - how to inject variable into cookie

Payam Chychi pchychi at
Sun May 31 13:05:12 MSD 2009


im trying to compare the cookie with  the remote_addr via nginx but
nginx sees $remote_addr as the text and not the a variable ... so it
wont match properly
I do have two cookies... the one I need to match for is the 2nd cookie

                if ( $http_cookie !~
YPF8827340282Jdskjhfiw_928937459182JAX666=$remote_addr ) {
                        rewrite  ^(.*)$  /check/$host.shtml  last;

2009/05/31 02:01:29 [debug] 1775#0: *6 http script regex:
2009/05/31 02:01:29 [notice] 1775#0: *6
"YPF8827340282Jdskjhfiw_928937459182JAX666=$remote_addr" does not
match "YPF8827340282Jdskjhfiw_9289374591823=2;
YPF8827340282Jdskjhfiw_928937459182JAX666=", client:, server:, request: "GET /index.html
HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer:

any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Payam Tarverdyan Chychi
Network Security Specialist / Network Engineer

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