ubuntu 8.04 user - upgrade to nginx latest

Jeff Waugh jdub at bethesignal.org
Mon Oct 5 17:46:37 MSD 2009

<quote who="synchromesh">

> My question is, how can I find out which modules have been compiled into
> nginx? (Specifically your 0.8.17 version.) I couldn't find any way to do
> this in the docs or via Google.

Unless there's a way to dump that information from the nginx binary itself
(which I haven't found), you can just look at the debian/rules file in the
source package.

You can click to download it from the PPA page or 'apt-get source nginx'
once you've added deb-src lines for my PPA to your sources.list (and I am
assuming this explanation will be understood by those using Debian-based

- Jeff

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