Nginx + proxy_store + flv/mp4

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Mon Oct 5 20:04:41 MSD 2009

I'm trying to set up sort of an origin/edge config for nginx to stream
mp4s and flvs.

I'm using proxy_store to cache flvs/mp4s from the origin on the
frontends. I also want to enable seeking in those files using the
flv and mp4 (mp4 is a module from directives.

The problem I have is that I can't get the seeking to work if the file hasn't
previously been cached on the frontend and I don't want to enable flv/mp4
modules on the backend since that would mean the cache on the frontend
is polluted with lots of "seeked" files. I only want the whole files cached.

Is it possible to somehow make nginx do this:

1. If file not in proxy store, get from backend wait until completely downloaded else go to 2
2. Start streaming from local cache

What I mean is - is it possible to get nginx to ALWAYS read from local store (proxy_store) and
not just pass along the data received from backend?

I want seeking to always work and I only want one file cached locally.

Thanks for an AWESOME webbserver!


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