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Tue Oct 6 20:30:23 MSD 2009

<quote who="Matt Goodall">

> > > Jeff, any chance of extending your PPA builds to cover Jaunty and
> > > Karmic?
> >
> > While these 8.04 packages install and run without issues on later
> > versions (I test and use them on Hardy and Karmic) I don't think there's
> > any reason to bother. More work, no benefit. :-)
> Erm ... I never thought to try that. I just assumed the dependencies would
> be well out of sync by now.

All of the libraries nginx depends on are still binary compatible and under
active maintenance, so: (a) the packages have the same name, and (b) they
are still in the repository, so... for now at least, there's no problem. :-)

> Jeff, thanks for the reply and for making me look stupid in public ;-).

I hope not!

- Jeff

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