10 000 req/s: tpd2 - why it is so fast?

Igor Sysoev is at rambler-co.ru
Fri Oct 9 20:26:32 MSD 2009

On Fri, Oct 09, 2009 at 05:30:19PM +0200, Dinh Pham wrote:

> I have come across an article whose author claimed that his web server
> can handle 10 000 requests per second. Because I am far from expert on
> high performance web servers so I would like to ask you if his
> benchmarks has any flaw or his web server is too simple to be slow?
> I have never thought that a LISP-based implementation can be as fast as
> C-based implementations such as Nginx. Is there any magic here?
> You can read his article here http://john.freml.in/teepeedee2-c10k

On notebook running FreeBSD 7.0 on Pentium M 1.70GHz using configuration:

    server {
        listen      8000;
        return      404;
        access_log  off;

I have got these results via localhost:

ab -n 30000 -c 10       ~8200 r/s
ab -n 30000 -c 10 -k   ~20000 r/s

This means that this microbenchmark tests mostly TCP connection
establishment via localhost: keepalive is 2.4 faster.

Igor Sysoev

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