Nginx - SMTP no authentication

Anto binish Kasoar lists at
Sat Oct 10 03:52:36 MSD 2009

Hi friends,

Please help me to configure SMTP without authentication on ngnix. I have
even applied the patch, which is given in this url . I am running postfix in the
same server and ngnix mail is running in the 225, my configuration looks
like this

mail {
#    proxy_pass_error_message  on;
    xclient    off;

    server {
        listen     225;
        protocol   smtp;
        smtp_auth  plain;

http {
   access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log;

        server_name  localhost;

        location = /mail/auth {
            add_header Auth-Status OK;
            add_header Auth-Server;
            add_header Auth-Port 22;
          return 200;



is there anything wrong with my configuration? when i am tring to telnet
to sever to the port 225, i am getting the following

telnet mailserver 225
220 mailserver ESMTP ready
501 5.5.4 Invalid argument
mail from:test at
530 5.7.1 Authentication required

Anto Binish Kaspar
E.C Software
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