nginx flv module and amazon storage

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Mon Oct 12 02:15:45 MSD 2009

Id also love a module like this.

something that converts the start= line it a content range for a proxy_pass and then returns the data as a normal 200 (from the byte range)

It would make me a very happy man.


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Subject: Re: nginx flv module and amazon storage

I'm talking about S3. I know it works with local files but i was hoping to be wrong :) 


El 11/10/2009, a las 16:23, István escribió:

  Actually flv module works on local files, while -if you are referring to S3- it is stored remotely. 

  Or, if you are talking about having an EC2 instance using EBS storage it is possible.


  2009/10/11 Fernando Flórez <fernando at>


    Quick question before trying it for myself. Is it possible to use nginx's flv module with flv files stores on amazon's storage cloud?

    What i'm trying to achieve is to host the flv files on amazon and serve the flv files with nginx. Any hints on how to accomplish this?


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