[Patch] nginx to use libatomic_ops

W-Mark Kubacki wmark+nginx at hurrikane.de
Mon Oct 12 15:15:42 MSD 2009


I will send you the debug informations asap, but unfortunately no
sooner than by the end of this week.
Let me open a separate thread for this, then, with more details.

>From what I remember, lockfile was on /dev/shm, vanilla configuration
files. Nginx was compiled with zlib and flv, only the former was
actually used and later on even none of them. Segfaults began as soon
as concurrent requests occured (e.g. by ab -c 5, one to two workers,
epoll), even to static files. The logfile was flooded by "worker...
segfault" for every (unhandled due to the fault) request. (Linux
2.6.29-rc5, 2.6.30; deadlock scheduler)

W-Mark Kubacki

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