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Steve steeeeeveee at
Wed Oct 14 00:25:21 MSD 2009

Hallo all

I have a bunch of questions regarding the configuration switches at compile time.

1) Assuming I would set "--without-http" does that then automatically sets the following switches as well or do I need to set them explicitly?

2) Do I see that right when disabling PCRE I need to set "--without-http_rewrite_module" (assuming I have HTTP enabled) as well since the rewrite module is using PCRE?

3) Do I see that right that when I want to use the FastCGI module inside nginx then I need as well to set "--with-http_realip_module"?

4) Do I see that right that if I want to use IMAP4/POP3/SMTP proxy support then I need to set "--with-mail" and that I can disable any of the 3 by using either "--without-mail_pop3_module" and/or "--without-mail_imap_module" and/or "--without-mail_smtp_module"?

5) If I would like to use pure IMAP4/POP3/SMTP proxy support, do I then need to enable any of the --with-http_xxx options in order to have IMAP4/POP3/SMTP proxy support or can I disable it completely (aka: "--without-http")?

6) How does disabling HTTP cache (--without-http-cache) affect any other HTTP related module?

// SteveB
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