XSLT2 - new module, reviews and opinions needed :)

piotreek nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Oct 14 14:46:07 MSD 2009

We have written new Nginx modules and we publish them in hope of getting opinions. :) Generally, these modules are connected with XML and XSLT processing.  Information and short description are available at http://xxslt.sourceforge.net  

I’m especially interested in review of XSLT2 module. It’s very similar to Igor Sysoev’s XSLT module, but allows to declare XSL style sheets directly in XML document and download them from external locations. Nginx events are used to download external files, so our filter have to work asynchronously. This is our first nginx module, so we had a lot of problems with that asynchronous work. If somebody is familiar with developing Nginx modules / filter, I would be grateful for any feedback, opinions, reviews, errors in code etc. This is early version, we are still learning . ;)
I have many doubts about the finalization of request (ngx_http_xslt2_body_filter, ngx_http_xslt2_send and ngx_http_xslt2_fast_handler functions).  It actually works, but I’m not sure if this is proper way to do it.

Source (svn browser): 

I will be grateful for any comments. :)

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