Reverse Proxy with caching

任晓磊 julyclyde at
Thu Oct 15 17:36:20 MSD 2009

try ncache module, the cache module from Sina.COM

2009/10/15 Smrchy <smrchy at>:
> Hi,
> i setup nginx and it's working great for us for static files. I'm wondering
> if nginx would be suited for the following scenario:
> We have an application server that has a lot of .php files and even more
> static files (.gif, .jpg etc).
> Can i put nginx in front of if like a proxy but have nginx cache the static
> files (everything except the .php stuff). So that only .php requests reach
> the server and the static files will be cached on the nginx machine once the
> get retrieved from the upstream server.
> Thx for your help
> Patrick

Ren Xiaolei

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