Blocking user behind proxy

Reinis Rozitis r at
Thu Oct 15 17:36:30 MSD 2009

While I'm not 100% sure (prolly Igor or Maxim can confirm/deny) if the module changes the clients ip before other modules/internals 
(like Access) but you could use the RealIP module

And bassicaly add just the required header:

real_ip_header     TRUE-CLIENT-IP;


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> Thanks for the reply vesperto but the real IP of the client is not the same as $REMOTE_IP. I already tried the AccessModule and 
> that didn't do the job.
> In my scenario $REMOTE_IP is the IP of the proxy serving which is forwarding the request and $TRUE-CLIENT-IP is a field in the 
> HTTP head which contains the requesting IP which I wish to block.
> Sameer
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