nginx and php (fast-cgi) hangs the connection

Reinis Rozitis r at
Fri Oct 16 07:25:34 MSD 2009

What do you mean by 'not stable'?
Your nginx error log (or php error log in case its some fatal php error but 
display_errors is set to false) should show why are there blank pages on the 
dynamic content requests (like fastcgi upstream taking too long to 
respond).Anyways most likely your problems have no direct relation to nginx 
at all rather then the php fastcgi childs.

And people do _switching_ just because the current solution for some reasons 
(bugs / too complex / missing features etc) doesnt work.


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> is it a good idea to switch to different solution if the server is not 
> stable now?
> I'm really afraid of this step
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