Launch FastCGI process?

jlist9 jlist9 at
Tue Oct 20 12:26:24 MSD 2009


My understand is that nginx doesn't launch a process, being it a CGI process
or FastCGI back-end server. I wonder what are the reasons behind this decision.
I used to use another web server that takes care of launching FastCGI processes.

The nice thing about it is that the web server checks if a backend process is
running. If not, it automatically starts it. This means, for whatever reason if
the backend process crashes, it will be re-launched. Also, the web server
gets to control how many back-end server processes to start, according
to the conf file. With this managing the processes is really easy, because
it's all managed by the web server.

This is a very handy feature. Any chance of having this in nginx?


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