Launch FastCGI process?

Kiswono Prayogo kiswono at
Wed Oct 21 11:59:41 MSD 2009

or nginx + supervisord + v8cgi ^^ (that i haven't try that yet..)

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 2:42 PM, Phillip Oldham <phill at>wrote:

> Grzegorz Nosek wrote:
>> Like fellow posters said, spawning processes by the web server is not
>> a good idea (especially by a lean and mean server like Nginx). What
>> we're using (or at least migrating to) is supervisord[1] for process
>> management and a custom Nginx module for integration. We have Nginx
>> communicate with supervisord over XMLRPC to start/shutdown processes as
>> directed by the load balancer. Supervisord provides process management
>> way above Nginx could offer, while Nginx provides load data in real
>> time, so we have exactly as many backends as we need.
>> If you aim for simply running a pool of backends, look at supervisord,
>> period.
>> If you also want to size the pool dynamically, watch this space :)
>> ngx_supervisord isn't yet available (still waiting for finishing
>> touches) but consider this a pre-announcement. It's going to require
>> patches to the load balancer but if you're using upstream-fair, the
>> patch comes with the module source.
> Wonderful! This sounds just what we're looking for too. I've been chatting
> with the maintainers over at supervisord list (Roger et al) and they're
> aiming for another update in the coming weeks that may fix some issues with
> FCGI handling, which should make nginx + supervisord + php a very reliable
> platform.
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