Bug in memcached module?

mastercan nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Oct 21 13:27:11 MSD 2009


I have the following config (just a snippet):

set $memcached_key $uri;
default_type       "text/html; charset=utf-8";
error_page         404 @fallback;

The problem is, that whenever memcached does not find the value in memory, I get a 404 status code.
My fallback is an Apache HTTP server which handles the request via mod_php. In case of a 404 the request is forwarded to Apache/PHP, PHP updates memcached, and the result is returned via nginx.
BUT the status code header is not correct. Even if I manually set a 200 OK header in PHP, a 404 header is returned by nginx.
If the the URI is in memcached already, a normal 200 OK header is returned.

So - to me this seems like a bug?

Hope someone can help :)

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