Nginx reverse proxy crash when dns unavailable

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Thu Oct 22 22:02:14 MSD 2009


I am currently planning to use nginx on several thousand devices as a reverse-proxy caching system.

It currently work as expected (thanks Igor!), caches files as they are being requested by the devices.

The only problem we hit is when nginx starts faster than the dns sytem is available on the units. Nginx will crash saying it is unable to connect to the remote host being proxied.

 1739#0: host not found in upstream "" in /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf 33

Staring nginx again and it work (as the DNS is now responding properly).

Any idea on how to work around this or should i fill a bug report (Nginx shouldn't crash when the remote is not available, but should try on requests to access it).

Nginx does not die when the remote drops and come back (by pulling the network cable for example). It only crash when nginx is launched and the dns sytem is not yet available.

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