Proxy-forwarding to Icecast with Nginx

curtisdf nginx-forum at
Sat Oct 24 21:51:42 MSD 2009

Has anyone successfully gotten Nginx to forward-proxy to an Icecast server running on the same machine?  I am trying to set up an online radio station with Icecast on my web server, but I need to tie it in with my Nginx daemon that's already running on Port 80 and proxy-forwarding to Apache for web traffic, in order to accommodate firewalls that only allow http traffic on Port 80.  I only have 1 IP address available on that machine, otherwise I'd just configure Icecast to run directly on Port 80.

After hours of troubleshooting, I'm still not sure if it's an Nginx problem or an Icecast problem.  I just made a detailed post at the Icecast forms, including config files.  Please see .  The main symptom is that I can listen to the stream at just fine, but when I connect to, it starts to play for 2-3 seconds but then the connection mysteriously stops.

Any ideas?


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