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Thu Oct 29 13:11:28 MSK 2009

Kiswono Prayogo wrote:
> this benchmark show that v8cgi and php quite the same except php 
> faster on string concatenation (because javascript using ambigous "+" 
> operator), and v8cgi faster on variable indexing (or so i guess 
> because v8 developer said so..)
Interesting. Since the common way to do string concattenation in JS is 
by joining arrays, I wonder what sort of performance each has doing long 
array collapsing.
> and the benchmark using web servers, i don't know if it's fair 
> configuration:
Maybe it would be better to follow the nginx guide to setting up 
PHP-FastCGI and running the benchmarks again (essentially PHP against 
V8CGI rather than Apache+PHP vs. Nginx+V8CGI).
> ############### my spawn fcgi configration (1024 child):
> V8C_SCRIPT="/usr/bin/spawn-fcgi -a -p 9000 -u www-data -g 
> www-data -F 1024 `which v8cgi` $ESP_SCRIPT"
Again, an Nginx + PHP-FastCGI vs. Nginx + V8CGI test means you can use 
the same number of child processes, so the comparison will be more fair.


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