Saving file with upload_module

Grzegorz Sienko staff at
Sat Oct 31 12:46:47 MSK 2009


I have a little problem with upload_module. According to
documentation: i will

"The content of each uploaded file then could be read from a file
specified by $upload_tmp_path variable or the file could be simply
moved to ultimate destination."

and my question is how to moved, or I would say, save these files to
this ultimate destination. The goal that I want to achieve is simple.
Using upload_module i want to save file to a disk. According to this
sentence above, I thinks is possible, but I don't really now how to do
that. In every single page with some example configuration of this
module, file is forwarded after upload to backend server. I just want
to save this file on hard drive. It's possible?

Best Regards
Grzegorz Sieńko

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