IRC (Nginx problem or unix?)

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Sat Apr 3 03:21:57 MSD 2010

I have installed Webmasters Conference Room CR4 with a fresh install of Nginx (0.8.34). I do not have much experience running my own IRC channel and I'm not sure if this even has anything to do with Nginx. But when I installed it under apache/whm, the chat worked right away with out any issues. Now when I installed it on a Nginx setup, I get a time out.

The IRC program is set up to run on a subdomain on port 8000. ( I am currently listening to port 80 for _ servers, do I need to do some sort of passthrough in the nginx.conf file? specifically for this subdomain? Is this even an ngixn problem? i.e. am I missing something in the unix side that would prevent me from making this program work?


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