Compiled error included the extern library

quan nexthop quan.nexthop at
Sun Apr 4 06:46:31 MSD 2010

HI all:

I met a compiled error when I included a static library.

1. the config file for my module
CORE_LIBS="$CORE_LIBS ${XTRUNK}/target/lib/libfilter.a \
                      ${XTRUNK}/target/lib/libsigture.a"   <---call the xml
2. The error infor is as following
/usr/local/lib/libmxml.a(mxml-private.o): In function `_mxml_global':
/Trunk/src/3rd/mxml-2.6/mxml-private.c:148: undefined reference to
/Trunk/src/3rd/mxml-2.6/mxml-private.c:150: undefined reference to
/Trunk/src/3rd/mxml-2.6/mxml-private.c:153: undefined reference to
/usr/local/lib/libmxml.a(mxml-private.o): In function `_mxml_init':

the static library of libsigature.a call the XML function.

3. If I change the RED mark with -lmxml, the issue is still happened.

Could you please help me for thise ?

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