Handle user uploads in static content server (newbie question)

Arvind Jayaprakash work at anomalizer.net
Mon Apr 12 21:16:53 MSD 2010

On Apr 12, Leonardo Crespo wrote:
>I just found out that I can do that on linode. Thanks for bringing this
>idea up!
>Here's a solution:
>Using NFS, mount on the Dynamic server the Static server's directory
>for static files (/images /user-uploads etc). Have nginx on Dynamic
>with proxy_pass to Static for all static content. All uploads go to
>the mounted drive on Dynamic (which points to Static).

Either I am understanding this incorrectly or this sounds like you have
made things worse!

If the user requests for the static content is going to enter via D,
then what is the point? User download/access of static content should
directly hit nginx running on S which accesses it's local storage.

The reason why I'd push for the caching proxy option over shared storage
is that in the setup you suggested, NFS is being configured for remote
writes (during file upload). NFS writes should be avoided for the
following reasons:

* Security (why allow remote write access?)

* NFS does not offer all POSIX guarantess which might become an issue
(usually does during writes more than reads)

* Unavailability of the remote system translates into an inability to
accept new uploads  

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