whats the problem, upstream? kernel? nginx? Need your help

yong xue ultraice at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 08:30:11 MSD 2010


     This is the url,
    when I visit it via the nginx proxy, the IE is always waiting for about
the keepalive timeout, then render the image but not full, the image size is
about 32K.
    when I visit the image by a browser directly there is no problem, the
image size is about 35K.
     So I turn on the nginx debug, the error seems ok, at the end there is a
upstream read timeout.
     I did a tcpdump, the nginx box got all the response content, but the
upstream( did not close the connection. After about 3
seconds,( I set keepalive timeout 3), nginx box sent a FIN packet to the
upstream, then receive a FIN.

   nginx is 0.7.24. kernel is 2.6.16.
   so what can I do? upgrade the kernel?

Best Regards,

薛 勇


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