Nginx + PHP-FPM output only Hieroglyphics

Jérôme Loyet jerome at
Thu Apr 22 19:33:46 MSD 2010

2010/4/22 Alexander Kunz <akunz at>:
> Hello Nginx List,
> i run nginx + php-fpm and sometimes i get only a page with only
> Hieroglyphics. Any ideas
> where i can start to debug?
> Could it be missconfiguration of the default_type? I set no default_type.
> My output looks like this...
> xœí]ÛrÛ8¶}–ªò ¦ºãÔ4E‚ ‰R,uÉ øtì¸luçô¼tQ $1¦H6Iù’š?šO˜ÿ8Oó8Ÿ1 ³
> Þ%’–,%NÕ‰û"Ø{ ÄÚØXA²^¯×ÿ2ü0 ý~©£E°´Ðå¯'ïÏ ˆã á£< „áhˆþ÷Ýèü= <ÃöÍÀtlÃ
> ý‚«× BÜ" ÜŽ ÜÝÝ5îä†ãÍ…Ñ•pOíaj JòAF»1¦\©×iv ~ˆ1…ŸÀ ,Ò«× úxvýîì¼ÿV¿F<ºôˆï“™
> 8sϘ™¤~,Ä’ÇáyT¯Õk£…飏d ¥ I×¹# ™¢ñ úhú‹%™š z» ¿«×Îì™ã-Z dØS4qìÀ3Ç+z¢ƒâ+Š•
> SR¯ó<” ¥-I`0    žü¹2o»Üt‰ 𣠗pÌ u¹€Ü ½¶7h²0<Ÿ ]ÓwxMSÛ<æÐ+0e.9    Ç
> ^ÆÔÌ°|’Q±%érsb Ï œ¬dþ:7T¦F­¢$b‘ ^’ nu$¹ƒå•á Ñ_ ‹]J •ËÕØ !²›ÖÀq <s¾ ¶×òœ± ø
> yÓž’ûŸfŽe9w? ÞdaÞ†MW?¶Lû yÄêr~ð` ¨ ’ €-Bk⃥…Gf]NHEÂdƒeÒÒ÷33õ
> ×}H¬Õý‰gºAVÿ“qk„g9ä{ °’ž r½èW×gƒw£cÁ€Z‚d±JâåLkØ é 'ý‹_¨ S`å&É ´Ó2 ô&
> g9sˆ\A¨úKÔÿá­ž)7Wò66þïôT¿ Á°ún½ü mc2qVv ÿ† .¯Î~ë ´…L är

there is a lack of informations here.

please be more precise, with page type fpm returns, versions, ... anything

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