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Jim Ohlstein jim at
Sat Apr 24 18:19:52 MSD 2010

On 4/24/10 9:41 AM, Alejandro Mery wrote:
> Hi Jim,
>> Can you point me to other mailing list replies that seem to be missing?
> oh, thanks! it seems it's only the "natural" delay. when I checked
> they weren't there *yet*. and some confusion on replies to threads
> with the same topic. my reply to
>,77780,77780#msg-77780 it got added
> to the original thread instead

Responses get added fairly quickly. Igor added the forum email address 
to the top of the list for outgoing messages (at least under the old 
Majordomo based system) so ours went out pretty much right away. I'm not 
certain if that's still the case. The forum checks all of the mail every 
two minutes via cron so there is rarely more than a delay of more than a 
few minutes.

As for same subject replies, this may be a bug or may be by design. I 
will look into the script.

Jim Ohlstein

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