Nginx + PHP = VERY High CPU Usage

Maxime Ducharme max at
Sat Dec 11 01:35:32 MSK 2010

On Fri, 2010-12-10 at 14:05 -0500, hasson wrote:
> Hello All,

Hi hasson

> I was using APACHE and I decided to migrate to nginx.
> I researched and nginx is supposed to have a completely superior
> performance for webpages that have lot of simultaneous requests, such as
> real time pages sending AJAX requests every second.

nginx will have better performance mostly on static content

> My application is based on MYSQL + PHP + AJAX + JAVASCRIPT.
> After I installed the NGINX, I started testing it, and noticed that
> something is strange due the HIGH-CPU usage of PHP-CGI process.
> The curious is that with around 6-8 Tabs open on Firefox, I can reach
> around 80% of CPU usage. that is completely high, even with this test
> machine that have a cpu of only 1.8ghz. But talking about only 8 web
> pages open, reach this amount of CPU usage, I think that something is
> wrong.
> Anyone can please advise me?

try eaccelerator

Maxime Ducharme
Systems Architect

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