questions about upstream buffering mode

Wu Bingzheng wubingzheng at
Sun Dec 12 07:45:25 MSK 2010

hi all,
There are 2 modes of upstream, buffering and non-buffering. And there are some difference between them:
1. non-buffering mode doesn't support limit-rate.
2. a request in non-buffering mode decides the end of upstream by a) close of upstream; b) comparing the length of recived data and headers_out.content_length. While the request in buffering mode decides the end only by the close of upstream. As a result, in buffering mode, the upstream(such as a memcached cache) can't be keepalive, which leads the request in nginx to end after keepalive-time.
I want to know why does these difference exist?
Can't the non-buffering mode support limit-rate? can't the buffering mode decide the end of request by content-length?
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