issue with capturing server name

Sven 'Darkman' Michels sven at
Sun Dec 12 22:43:41 MSK 2010


Am 12.12.2010 20:35, schrieb Igor Sysoev:

>> ok, debbuging enabled, but nothing with "regex" shows up. I'm getting
>> 2010/12/12 20:10:37 [debug] 32080#0: *1 http header: "Host: www.internal.mydomain.tld"
>> 2010/12/12 20:10:37 [debug] 32080#0: *1 http header done
>> which seems to be ok so far, but no regex matching somewhere...
>> Is there a need of some compiling options? nginx itself is liked against
>> pcre lib, so it looks ok so far for me...
> Do you request nginx via ipv4 or ipv6 ?

mh, normally v6 but i tried with v4 now, looks the same (its dualstack).


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