Custom page for 400 (Bad Request)

Eugaia ngx.eugaia at
Wed Dec 15 14:57:58 MSK 2010


On 15/12/2010 13:50, Igor Sysoev wrote:
> Yes, mention of "cookie" is useful here, since this is the main cause
> of these errors. "Header line or cookie too big". I use "line"
> because nginx has another couse of 400 error: large header.
> "Header line is too long" is logged when a single line of client header
> is bigger than a buffer in large_client_header_buffers.
> "Header is too large" is logged when sum of all header lines are bigger
> than client_header_buffer_size plus large_client_header_buffers.
Is this for a single header, all the headers or either?  It might be 
useful to have 'Headers too large' if more than a single header is 
included in the calculation.
> Probably this reason should cause 494 error too. And the resulting
> message should be as you have suggested: "Request header or cookie too big".
Sounds good to me.

It might also be useful to specify 'Cookie too large' in the log file, 
if it is the cookie that is too large.


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