what's the meaning ? ctx->srv conf = cscfp[s]->ctx->srv conf

garry.lgr nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Dec 23 09:46:15 MSK 2010

I drawed a picture according to the code of the nginx-0.9.1. The top
part in the picture is built in the ngx_http_block of ngx_http.c.

When the ngx_http_merge_servers function at line 277 is called,  the
ctx->srv_conf have hold the address of  cf->ctx->srv_conf. After
ctx->srv_conf = cscfp[s]->ctx->srv_conf, ctx->srv_conf discard it's
older address to point to the new address  cscfp[s]->ctx->srv_conf. 

So I think it will generate memory leak.

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