what's the meaning ? ctx->srv conf = cscfp[s]->ctx->srv conf

Igor Sysoev igor at sysoev.ru
Thu Dec 23 11:46:26 MSK 2010

On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 02:51:01AM -0500, garry.lgr wrote:

> Thanks, Igor Sysoev.
> Now I understood your meaning. As a hidden parameter, that's very
> smart.

I'm not sure that is smart at least in this context.
It appeared here rather for compatibility reason.

> but I looked up the code of many http module files,  don't find any
> where you use this .
> Could you tell me where you use it ?

They are used via macros ngx_http_conf_get_module_srv_conf()
and ngx_http_conf_get_module_loc_conf() in merge phases.
Currenly only ngx_http_conf_get_module_loc_conf() is used in such context
in proxy, fastcgi, uwscgi and scgi modules.

Igor Sysoev

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