underscores_in_headers not functioning when using default option for listen directive

Sylvain Rabot sylvain.rabot at f-secure.com
Mon Dec 27 15:21:14 MSK 2010


We are using nginx 0.7.68 and we encountered a small problem with the
underscores_in_headers directive.

Use case, 2 servers section :

server {
	listen 80 default;
	server_name *.domain.com;


server {
	listen 80;
	server_name titi.domain-b.com;
	underscores_in_headers on;


In that case the underscores_in_headers directive of the second server
is not taken care of. To make it work we have to either remove 'default'
option from the listen directive of the first server or add
'underscores_in_headers on' in the first server as well.


Sylvain <sylvain.rabot at f-secure.com>

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