Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Thu Dec 30 08:30:08 MSK 2010

I am pleased to announce a new maintainance release of the uWSGI project:

 * [20101230]

- support for YAML configuration files

- backported python module aliasing from 0.9.7-dev

- better apache2 module (support for SetEnv directive, fixed REQUEST_URI
and improved connection handling)

- uwsgi.post_fork_hook implementation (to execute function after fork()
(thanks George Kollias)

- option --gid calls setgroups() after setgid() (thanks Jorge Cardona)

- fixed uGreen compilation (and uGreen is now built by default)

- fixed timeout and thundering herd problem in async modes
(many thanks to Test157 for giving us a good async-test-app)

- disable TCP_INFO in older Linux kernels (thanks Bo Shi)

- enable TCP_INFO in FreeBSD (limited usage due to FreeBSD kernel support)

- fixed static virtualhosting mode using xml files
(thanks Andrea Notari of Link I.T. spa)

- new option --close-on-exec (thanks Jean-Baptiste Quenot)

- use HTTP_HOST var (and fallback to SERVER_NAME) in virtual hosting mode

- fixed a buffer overflow in automatic socket_name allocation
(spotted by Riccardo Magliocchetti)

- Official support for Nexenta

You can download from here:



pip install http://projects.unbit.it/downloads/uwsgi-

The official uWSGI wiki is at:


This is the last 0.9.6 release with 'backports'. From now on
all the new features will be available only in the 0.9.7-dev tree

Thanks for your attention

Roberto De Ioris

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