page generation time and actual response time difference

Ryan Malayter malayter at
Mon Jan 4 17:19:52 MSK 2010

On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 12:33 PM, Troy Hakala <troy.hakala at> wrote:
> You can locate the bottleneck by reducing it to the simplest case (which
> presumably won't exhibit the problem) and moving out from there, testing
> every component and changing one thing at a time until you see the problem.
> Then you've found the bottleneck. Note that the OS can be tuned too.

Changing things "one at a time" is often the slowest way to do it... a
binary search is far faster, especially if the number of layers or
components involved is large.

Asuming you have 8 configuration or code changes to try, give them all
an identity number, test a group of 1#-#4, then #3-#4, then just #3 in

I'm shocked how many technical people forget good old binary search
when not writing code...


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