need help calling PHP as a fallback

davvv nginx-forum at
Tue Jan 5 11:15:28 MSK 2010

Oops, sorry about that; I thought you meant to simply add "debug" to the log directive in the .conf.

But! I updated to 0.8.31 and rebuilt with --with-debug (as per your recommendation) and everything works perfectly.

Here's my final nginx.conf if anyone else will want to do something similar in the future.

        location /eve/ {
            proxy_intercept_errors on;
            error_page 504 = @fallback;

        location @fallback {
              rewrite  ^(.*)$  /backend.php;

Kind of a messy rewrite, but for my purposes, it's fine. Thanks for all the help, and happy 2010 =)

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