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Mon Jan 11 20:12:33 MSK 2010

Hi Piotr,
Could you put your patch to some social coding websites (for ex: github, 
...) so that it can be public and people outside this mailing can see 
and download it ?

On 01/09/2010 02:43 AM, Piotr Sikora wrote:
>>> few months ago for my "proxy vs fastcgi vs scgi vs wsgi" tests
>> Against what application framework did you run the tests?
>> Did you publish the results anywhere?
>> By what measure did proxy win?
> No, I didn't publish the results (I know, shame on me) and the only 
> thing left now is text file with *some* results (ironically, results 
> for nginx+mod_scgi are missing).
> Anyway, it looks like the test was "search for the best way to run 
> WSGI applications".
> The application in question was simple "Hello World!" backed by 
> Google's webapp framework.
> I tested Apache, Cherokee, lighttpd and nginx. Each server was tested 
> (when possible) with FastCGI-to-WSGI, SCGI-to-WSGI and WSGI. Proxy was 
> tested using CherryPy and Paste.
> Some random thoughts:
> 1) I didn't like Cherokee and lighttpd,
> 2) SCGI seems to be ~20% faster than FastCGI (but this is probably 
> because of small response size in test app),
> 3) CherryPy behind nginx beats every other web server (req/s) and only 
> losses to standalone CherryPy (and I'm not comfortable enough to run 
> it without "real" web server in front of it). At least it did at the 
> time, now it probably looses also to Tornado behind nginx ;)
> Proxy has also two very strong advantages over any Gateway Interface:
> 1) it's language & framework agnostic, and even if your framework 
> can't talk HTTP you can always run Python apps using CherryPy's web 
> server, Ruby apps using Thin and PHP apps behind Apache (because it's 
> the only environment those broken apps works in),
> 2) there are no issues with pushing traffic over TCP/IP to other 
> machines (think: clusters / web farms).
> Also, this test was the reason why I started using nginx ;)
> Best regards,
> Piotr Sikora < piotr.sikora at >
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