Filtering out non-HTTP requests (400 errors)

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Mon Jan 11 20:22:32 MSK 2010

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 8:28 AM, Grzegorz Nosek
<grzegorz.nosek at> wrote:

> So, is there a simple way to filter out non-HTTP requests from the
> access log? doesn't seem
> to work unfortunately (I tried something along this way already and
> checked this exact config now).

I have this as well, but from some hardware load balancer our provider uses.

I want to have it basically say:

if ($remote_addr ~* {
 access_log off;

Or something of the nature. Note: that is pseudocode, I probably
messed up the ~* but I just woke up. It was an example :)

I think I tried this and it didn't work (and I'm sure Grzegorz tried it too)

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