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Wed Jan 13 01:23:42 MSK 2010

proforg Wrote:
> Probably you need to examine PHP logs (or even
> spawn-fcgi logs/output
> to stderr) - problem should be clearly visible
> there. There are really
> lots of reason for PHP to die :)

I added the following to my php.ini:

log_errors = on
error_log = /home/djeyewater/logs/php-errors.log

and modified the spawn-fcgi init script like so:

$FCGI_DAEMON -s $FCGI_SOCKET -C $PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN -P $FCGI_PIDFILE -- $FCGI_PROGRAM -c /home/djeyewater/webapps/php_fcgi/lib/php.ini 2>>/home/djeyewater/logs/php-fcgi-err.log

Not sure if that is the correct way to read stderr from spawn-fcgi?

Anyway, after restarting php I got no errors (from the page I'm having problems with) recorded in the php error log or the spawn-fcgi stderr file. Still get the same error in the nginx error log for the site, and obviously the page still isn't working.

Could you advise me on how I'd get the error message to be recorded?



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