filter chain_link problem

Dennis J. dennisml at
Wed Jan 13 05:17:22 MSK 2010

so I'm making my first steps with developing a nginx module. As a starting 
point I took the addition filter module replaced "addition" with 
"mmaddition" everywhere and prepended an "mm" to the configuration 
directives to avoid collisions. After doing that I can compile and use this 
"new" module. So far so good.

Now I'm trying to prepend a static header to a page but things are not 
working as I would expect them to. Here is the code fragment I inserted in 
the filter function:

     ngx_buf_t                 *header_buffer;
     ngx_chain_t               *header_link;

         header_buffer->pos = (u_char *) "<!-- Served by Nginx -->";
         header_buffer->last = header_buffer->pos + sizeof("<!-- Served by 
Nginx -->") - 1;
         fprintf(stderr, "filter called: ");
         fprintf(stderr, header_buffer->pos);

         header_link = ngx_alloc_chain_link(r->pool);
         header_link->buf = header_buffer;
         header_link->buf->last_buf = 1;
         header_link->next = NULL;

         ngx_http_set_ctx(r, NULL, ngx_http_mmaddition_filter_module);
         return ngx_http_next_body_filter(r, header_link);

The problem is that I get "filter called: <!-- Served by Nginx -->" in the 
log and a response code of 200 with wget but no body at all.

I'm aware that this code doesn't really insert anything but simply creates 
a new chain_link initialized with a buffer which then get passed on to the 
next body_filter.

My question is shouldn't I get "<!-- Served by Nginx -->" as a response 
body and if not why not?

(I've written a filter module for apache before so I have some experience 
with this kind of bucket brigade/chain_link handling but there is obviously 
something I'm missing here.)


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